Friday, August 29, 2014

Cottonelle Clean Care System!

I received a Sample of Cottonelle flushable wipes & Cottonelle Tissue through Crowdtap and I am very pleased with this sampling. Cottonelle fresh care system (tissue & wipes) is now a part of my family. I don't think I will ever go back to using a different brand. Cottonelle products are high quality & very affordable. Now lets go in-depth about the products!

Cottonelle tissue is the best tiss
ue I have ever used in life so far. The thickness & strength of the tissue is perfect. This tissue does not crinkly up in your hands and feel like cheap paper. The tissue is so thick and strong that it stays completely intact while in use. We have all had that experience when tissue breaks apart mid-use and it is not pretty. You won't ever have to worry about that while using Cottonelle. Cottonelle tissue is also very Soft. I don't know many people who like using rough tissue. You can run your fingers over a sheet of Cottonelle tissue and you can instantly feel the quality & strength of this tissue. 

Cottonelle flushable cleaning cloths(wipes) are the cherry on top when it comes to getting clean & staying clean. These wipes are alcohol free, So there will be no discomfort while and/or after use.
The "wetness" is not dramatic, it is refreshing & soothing. You will Definitely be clean & feel clean. Side-note: These wipes are sewer & septic tank safe. (So flush away!
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Celebrity VIP Lounge said...

Love the idea of wipes. I would love to try these. Amber N

Misty Battle said...

We use these wipes in our home. I love them and they are so affordable.

Vanessa said...

I wish we could use these, but we have a septic system. With two kids I REALLY wish a company could make a septic safe wipe!

Maggie King said...

We've been using these since we got free samples of them from bzzagent. We love them as well!

MallSaleLover said...

Can't go out without wipes. When you have allergic kids, wipes are your best friends.