Wednesday, November 26, 2014

5-hour ENERGY Goes Pink!!!

November is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and many companies sell & donate proceeds of specially marked products in support of breast cancer awareness. 5-hour Energy and Living Beyond Breast Cancer have teamed up during the months of November & December to help support this cause. Living Essentials will donate 5 cents from every specially marked bottle that is bought, up to 200 thousand dollars. So if you are not big on running Marathons, this is one great way you can show your support for breast cancer. (I received this product FREE courtesy of Smiley360)

5-hour Energy is a very popular brand of energy drink. During the month of November they are offering a Pink Lemonade flavor in support of breast cancer awareness. I love the taste of pink lemonade and 5-hour ENERGY did not disappoint me. 5-hour ENERGY pink lemonade actually taste like pink lemonade. This product is sugar free, 4 calories, and you will not have a sugar crash.

5-hour ENERGY will give you hours of energy (from my experience) depending on how much of the product you actually drink. You can take half of the bottle for a moderate energy boost, or you can consume the full bottle for a maximum energy boost. You do not have to refrigerate this product after opening, but it should be consumed with the next 72 hours after opening.

You can help support the great cause of breast cancer awareness from the months of November and December by buying specially marked bottles of 5-hour ENERGY drinks. Even if you do not know anyone personally living through this disease, you can still show your support in small ways

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