Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Snuggle Exhilarations Review!

November is Sleep Comfort Month, and one way to ensure a good nights sleep is by having Fresh cleaned linens. With the right fabric softener you can lay down in your bed and sleep like a baby. To coincide with this theme for the month of November, Snuggle is introducing a new fabric softer to instantly take you to dream land. The scent of Snuggle's new White Lavender and Sandalwood Exhilarations Fabric Softener will have you so comfortable that you can not wait for bedtime to come around. (I received this product FREE courtesy of Snuggle Bear Den).

Snuggle's White Lavender and Sandalwood Exhilarations Fabric Softener works wonders on your laundry and your mood. This fabric softener actually softens your clothes/linens. No matter how old your clothes are or how many times they have been washed, once this fabric softener touches them, they will feel like new. The scent of the sandalwood adds a spice if uniqueness to the overall scent. The scent of the lavender is so comforting and very inviting. Lavender is well known to have soothing properties such as, easing anxiety and alleviate insomnia.

This liquid fabric softener is super easy to use. Follow the 3 easy instruction that are on the back of the bottle and you will be on your way to having Snuggly Dreams. You should not over use this product in on load of laundry because too much of a good thing can spoil everything. My mother liked to overuse fabric softener, but overuse is not needed with Snuggle's White Lavender and Sandalwood Exhilarations fabric softener. A little (the amount that is advised to use) really goes a long way.

After washing my blankets, sheets, and pillow cases with this fabric softener, I could instantly feel the softness of my laundry. After my items finished drying, it seemed that they became softer. The scent of the linens was wonderful. The scent was not overpowering and it was very welcoming. I slept so peacefully. The scent and softness of my blankets truly comforted me.

Snuggle's White Lavender and Sandalwood Exhilarations Fabric softener is a really quality product. The scent is so relaxing and your laundry will be super soft. I would highly recommend going out and buying this fabric softener. You will not be disappointed and you will sleep like a baby

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