Thursday, November 6, 2014

Solid Cordz HDMI Cable Review

Technology is always changing and allowing us to have access to more opportunities than ever before. One technological advancement that is super beneficial is connecting technology to technology. Now we have the ability to use all of our favorite devices at the same time to create a more fruitful experience. What's helping connect technology to technology is HDMI cords. HDMI cords will tremendously upgrade your computer experience without cleaning out your bank account. Solid Cordz HDMI cables allows you to have all of this and more.

HDMI stand for 'High Definition Multimedia Interface'. HDMI cords allow you to connect your computer to your T.V. to make one big high quality computer screen/entertainment device. You no longer have to crowd 8 people around a tiny computer screen while trying to watch a movie online. Also if your computer screen is too small for your taste, you can instantly magnify your screen by hooking up your computer and to with a HDMI cable.

Solid Cordz HDMI cables are high quality cables. The ends of each connectors are 24K Gold plated. The construction of the cable itself is
certified triple shield wired. This aspect is extremely appealing because it will be very difficult to cause shortages within the cable. Also this design makes the cable exceptional sturdy and durable. The cable is six feet long, so you can easily sit on your couch and use your computer while it is connected to the T.V. I have had some HDMI cables that were so short that you had to literally sit the computer by the T.V.

Shows The Length Of The Cable

The cable offers ultra high speed up to 18GBPS(GigaBytes Per Second). This allows what is on your computer to instantly show up on your T.V. Also with using this cable you will get 1080p full resolution. The higher the resolution (i.e. 1080) the clearer the picture will be. The Solid Cordz HDMI cable is Compliant with 3D & HDTV. And you have a lifetime warranty on this product.

The Solid Cordz HDMI cable comes with two cables in a box. The HDMI cable is easy to connect to your computer and T.V. All you have to do is locate the HDMI ports on your computer and T.V., plug one end of each connecter to the HDMI ports and you are done. I used this cable to watch movies from my laptop on my T.V. I had no problem with using this product. The cable itself worked like a charm and the pictures that it transmitted was high quality. Movies nights will be so much better because of this HDMI cable. I highly recommend purchasing a HDMI cable from Solid Cordz. This product is high quality and you will not regret your purchase.
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