Friday, December 12, 2014

Cooker Maid Silicone Heat Resistant Cooking Gloves Review

Comfort food season is here and that means a lot of baking and slow cooking will be in the works. Many of us love the taste of peach cobbler, oven roasted chicken, and beef stew. To create these delicious dishes a stove will be used and that stove will get really hot. We have regular cotton/polyester oven mittens to be buffer zones so we don't burn our hands. But we all know that sometimes oven mittens do not do what they are suppose to do and your hands feels much more heat than you would have liked. A way to make sure this never happens again is invest in silicone heat resistant gloves. Cooker Maid silicone cooking gloves will make a great addition to any kitchen.

Cooker Maid silicone cooking gloves are such a great product because they are heat resistant up to 450 degrees and they are water proof. We all know what happens when will accidentally spill hot stew on our hands when we are trying to move the heavy pot from one burner to the next. As you can see, these gloves are designed to fit all five fingers. Cooker Maid gloves fits most hands and have non-slip grip technology (Another plus). 

Watch the video below to See the Cooker Maid Silicone Heat Resistant Gloves in action.

Cooker Maid Silicone Heat Resistant Cooking Gloves are a quality product. The design of these gloves are piratical and they keep the heat away from your hands. I would highly recommend purchasing these gloves. (I Received this product for Free to review, but my opinion is Strictly my own.)

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