Friday, December 12, 2014

Konjac Facial Sponge Review

We clean our faces daily. The methods we choose to clean our faces changes depending on the time of day and the products we are using. There are many different tools we us to make sure our face gets clean as possible. Some people like using face-towels, facial masques, sponges, and plain ole' soap and water. A great tool to have in your daily cleaning routine is a Konjac facial sponge. Pure SOL konjac facial sponge will benefit your face in so many ways you will be wondering why you haven't been using this sponge.

Pure SOL Konjac Facial Sponge is 100 percent all natural. There are no chemicals in this sponge and there are no additives either. Konjac is a plant fiber and naturals balances the acidity of your skin. The design of this sponge allows your face to receive a very gently yet effective massage which breaks down dirty and oil in your pores and stimulates blood circulation and cell growth. When using this sponge, you can truly feel and see that it is working in your favor. Your face will feel smoother and appear clearer and firmer. 
After Washing My Face With The Pure SOL Konjac Sponge!!

Another feature that I love about this product is that the sponge has a string attached to it and a suction cup hook comes with it to allow for easy hanging. I really like this feature because I don't have to hang my sponge from one of the shower hooks and I place the sponge where I need it to be (in the shower or by the sink). 

If you have not used this type of sponge before, there is no need to fear. The instructions on the side of the package is very detailed and easy to understand. Two of the main instructions I highly recommend following is Soaking the sponge in warm water so the whole sponge can become soft. You do not want anything rough gliding across your face. Also, to ring the sponge out, press the sponge between both palms of your hands so you do not damage the sponge by ripping the fibers. 

I would highly recommend buying a Pure SOL Konjac Facial Sponge. This sponge will work wonders on your face and you will not be disappointed in your purchase. Konjac has become my face new best-friend. (I received this product free to review, but my opinions are strictly my own.)

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