Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Lansinoh Better Bottle Review!

The Baby bottles that are out on the market today are not the same as they were 20 years ago. And that is a good thing. Today's bottles are truly designed to meet all different types of babies needs. One company that is paving the way for quality baby bottles is Lansinoh. The overall technology they use from the nipple to the bottle is truly amazing.

The Natural Wave Nipple on this bottle allows your baby to use natural action for feeding that are learned on the breast nipple on this bottle. The nipple moves naturally with the movements of the baby tongue. I really love this design because it allows babies to transition from the breast to the bottle without having to actual transition. The nipple still promotes natural oral development, so your baby will still greatly benefit while feeding from this bottle.

Lets talk more specifically about the design for the nipple. There are 5 main components that allows this nipple to function efficiently. First on the side of the nipple itself there is an air ventilation system which reduces the intake of gas. This component is very revolutionary because it reduces the potential for spit up and colic. Secondly, the nipple tip allows the baby to control the flow of the milk. If your baby is a fast eater of slow eater it doesn't matter when it comes to this nipple because it can handle all speeds. Next, the nipple is made up of 100% silicone. This makes the nipple flexible, soft, and optimal for compression. The fourth component of this nipple is that it has inner vertical grooves which makes this nipple resistant to collapsing. Lastly the matte surface allows the baby to latch on securely and easily. 

This bottle is perfect for any type of baby. Whether you are a breast feeding mother or not, your baby will greatly benefit from feeding with this bottle. Lansinoh is a quality brand and you will not be disappointed with this product. (I received this product Free to review but my opinion is strictly my own).

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