Thursday, December 4, 2014

Litter Genie Cat Litter Disposal System


Kittens and cats are so cute. I have two kittens, Awesome and B.B., and I love them so much. They are truly members of my family and I treat them as such. I make sure they have quality bedding, food, treats, and play toys. Also they are medical up-to-date. The only aspect that irks the humans in the house concerning our furry family members is the smell of the kitty- litter. With two kittens that uses the bathroom multiple times a day, the smell can get outrageous. However, with the help of the Litter Genie System (that I received FREE from Crowdtap) there is no more "Cat Smell" and the humans are ecstatic.


The Litter Genie has truly revolutionize the disposal of cat litter. Before using the Litter Genie, I would use plastic bags you get from the grocery store to dispose of the kitty-litter. Using this method of disposal, I had to throw out ( in the outside garbage bins) 3-4 bags a day in order to keep the smell at a minimum. Cat/kitten urine is very potent. Even while using deodorizing kitty-litter, the smell still comes through (not has harshly, but still). The Litter Genie odor control lock and seal bags have cut my trips to the garbage bins to once a week!

The Litter Genie is easy to setup and use. If you follow the instructions, it should take you no-longer than 6-8 minutes to get it fully operable.

The two things you will be installing is the refill container and the scooper compartment. To install the refill container, first remove the plastic from outer rim. Next pull a reasonable amount of plastic out (about a foot), push it down through the center of the rim, and tie the open in into a knot. Then open the lid and funnel (pull out the gray handle to open funnel) to place the refill in its designated area and push the plastic down through the pail. Lastly close the funnel and you are good to go.

7 Days Worth Of Cat Litter & No Odor!!

To insert the scooping pail; open the Litter Genie where it splits in half, hook the pail to the designated area, and close the Litter Genie. Using the Litter Genie is super easy too. First scoop out the dirty litter, then open the lid, dump the litter, and close it back. Lastly pull the handle and you are done. When you are ready to throw away all the kitty litter that the genie has collected; open the genie where it splits in half, use the cutter to the cut the bag and tie it, and pull down more plastic and tie it.

Every cat owner should have a Litter Genie in their home. This device is a quality product and I would highly recommend the Litter Genie cat litter disposal system.

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