Friday, December 12, 2014

Precision Digital Kitchen Scale with Removable Bowl Review

Loosing and maintaining weight is no easy task. There are many trials and tribulations that come with this journey. Besides fighting temptation to drink alcohol, eat sweets, and consume fired foods, knowing actual the right amount of food to eat can be really difficult. Not to many people on the world knows what a pound of fruit salad looks like. With that being said, having a food scale would make life easier in terms of controlling your food intake. Precision Digital Kitchen Scale with Removable Bowl is a great scale to have in your kitchen because you can weigh just about anything on this scale.

The Precision Digital Kitchen Scale with Removable Bowl is a two-in-one scale. You can weigh food such as grapes, strawberries, and rice in the removable bowl and you can weigh a piece of grilled chicken breast directly on the scale. I love the feature of the removable bowl because this one scale allows you to meet all of your measuring needs without having to use other products (like bowls/ Tupperware for your cabinets).

The numbers and letters can easily be read. The blue back light illuminates the black wording. You can measure things in four different measurements; oz, g, dwt, and ozt. To access the different measurements, push the mode button on the scale until you get to the measurement you desire.

The Precision Digital Kitchen Scale with Removable Bowl is super light weight and will not take up all of your counter space. This scale runs on 2 AA batteries and the batteries can easily be placed in the device (no screws needed). I would Highly Recommend buying this scale. You can measure anything from liquids to solids using this scale. The quality of this product is great and you will not be disappointed in your purchase. (I received this product for Free to review, but my opinions are Strictly my own).

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