Friday, January 2, 2015

Skin Daily Skincare Solutions Pure Rose Water Review

Everyone has a daily skin care routine whether it be simple or extravagant. New products for skin care are hitting the markets daily and they all are very tempting to try. One product that has caught my attention is rose water. Rose water has been used for hundreds of years to meet all types of skin care needs. Adding Skin Daily Skincare Pure Rose Water to your daily routine will greatly benefit you.

Skin Daily Skincare  Rose water is made by distilling the highest quality of rose petals and purest water. Nothing is added or removed in the process. You will be getting 100 percent pure rose water. The bottle that this product comes in is darkly colored to protect its integrity.  This bottle holds 4 fluid ounces and will expire 2 years after it has been opened. This product really smells like roses. The scent is not overbearing and is very inviting.

Rose water came be used to cleanse, tone,  and hydrate your skin. Also it can be used as an anti- irritant. For toning; apply a few drops to a clean cotton ball and gently apply to your neck. This will help tighten your pores. For cleaning; apply several drops to a clean cotton ball and gently clean your face. This will leave your face feeling clean and hydrated. For anti-irritant purposes; apply directly to the skin as an after shave or to sooth irritated skin.  I used this rose water for anti-irritant purposes. My hands become very irritated from cleaning various rooms in the house without using gloves. My hands feel instantly soothed and clam.

I would highly recommend buying Skin Daily Skincare Solutions Pure Rose Water. Head Over Here To Get Your Very Own Pure Rose Water. You will not be disappointed with your purchase. (I received this product Free to review, but my opinions are my own).

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