Monday, February 23, 2015


Losing weight is a process. Eating healthier and exercising is instrumental to shedding excess pounds. However, when cravings hit, they really hit you. For those of use who do not have willpower to stay away from the very things that are causing us to gain weight; there are supplements that can help us. There are a vareity of supplements out on the market that claims to block fat and increase your metabolism. You have to try these supplements out to know if they will really work for you. Garcinia Cambogia Extract is a supplement worth trying.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract dietary supplement contains green coffee and garcinia which will help your body burn fat faster. Also, this supplement will help to suppress your appetite so you will no-longer have the desire to overeat. This is great because food is not my kryptonite; sweets are. I am slow but surely easing sweets out of my diet thanks to this supplement. Since I fill full longer throughout the day, I don't have room for snacking anymore. When taking this supplement follow the instructions so you can get the best results.

The capsules are not chalky and they do not have any harsh taste or after taste. A 40 day supply is in 1 bottle. If you looking for a supplement to help in your weight loss, give Garcinia Extract a try. (I received this product free to review, but my opinions are my own). 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bella Naturals Speed Jump Rope Review

Many people workout at home because of the convenience and because it is free. However, many people do not have gym equipment in their homes and this could cause a minor set back. Dumbells will only do so much and workout DVD's get boring real fast. A great way to get a daily workout without having to follow along to a DVD is by investing in a jump rope. Exercising with a jump rope gives your whole body a Cardio workout at the same time. Bella Naturals Speed Jump Rope is a great tool for beginners and advanced individuals.

Bella Naturals Speed Jump Rope is very lite and effective. The handles provide you with the perfect grip. You can adjust this rope to the perfect length for you. In order to adjust the rope, twist the metal screws and pull the rope to the desired length and tighten the screws again. The length of the rope can meet everyone's no matter if you can tall or short.  The rope is well made and will last you a long time. If you are looking for a quality jump rope to help you get a great Cardio workout, I would highly recommend buying this rope.

(I received this product Free to review, but my opinions are my own).

Skinology Beauty Solutions 100 % Pure Organic Argan Oil Review

A variety of products exist to moisturize you hair, skin, and nails. Restocking all of your moisturizers can be expensive over time. If a moisturizer existed that could moisturize your whole body with only using that one product; that would be great. The good thing is that product does exist. Argan oil can provide amply moist to your body from the tip of your head to the soles of your feet. Skinology 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil is a must have in any beauty routine.

 I love using Argan oil because it provides amply moisture to not only my skin, but also to my hair and nails. I have combination skin oily & dry) and this oil works for both of my skin types. Argan oil is not oily and it will not leave any residue after being applied. The scent is light and nutty and will dissipate a few minutes after its applied. One great feature of Skinology Argan oil is that it comes with a pipette. You can get as much oil as you need without wasting any.

If you have never used Argan oil before, there are instructions on the back of the bottle that clearly explains how to use this oil on you skin, hair, and nails. The bottle is darkly colored to protect the integrity of the oil. The shelf life of this oil is 1 year. I would highly recommend buying this oil. You will not be disappointed with your purchase and you will see and feel the benefits of using this oil after its first use.

after applying the oil to my nails

(I received this product free to review, but my opinions are my own.)

Francois et Mimi Stacking Mug Set with Rack Review

Having quality dishware is a must. When you have quality cups/mugs you can use them for an array of things. You can use them in the microwave & freezer and won't have to worry about them exploding (had that happen to me before). Also, because many people have a good set of dishware and a dispensable set, it is always okay to add more dishes to your good set. Francois et Mimi Stacking Coffee Mug Set can be a great addition to any household.

 Francois et Mimi Stacking Coffee Mug Set is very warming, space-saving, and chic. The colors of the mugs will brighten up any room. The mugs are standard size and led free. You can use these in the microwave and place them in the dishwasher after you are finished. The mugs are made out of Stoneware ceramic and this adds a little weight to them.

Another great thing about this mug set is that it comes with a space-saving stand. I really love this feature because you can use your cabinet space for something else. The mugs easily slide up & out and back down. Also, you will always be able to find your favorite mug. I would highly recommend buying these mugs. You will not be disappointed with your purchase.

(I received this product free to review, but my opinions are my own.)

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Epica Anti-Slip Anti-Bacterial Bath Mat 16" x 28" Review

Bathing is essential to maintaining physical health as well as mental health. Some people like to bath/ shower daily & some people like to washup every other day. No matter how frequent you shower, being safe while in the tub is very important. Many people do a balancing act while trying to properly clean themselves. This could lead to slipping & falling, which can lead to another host of problems. To make sure you have some traction while standing, Epica Anti-Slip Anti-Bacterial Bath Mat is a must have.

Epica Anti-Slip Anti-Bacterial Bath Mat is well made. The suction cups are true suction cups. Once you place this mat in your bathtub it will stay in that exact spot until you pull it up. As you can see, the suction cups cover the whole underside of the mat. The surface of the mat has a texture to it that allows you to have maximum footing while repelling water. I really like this aspect of the mat because most bath mats allow water to soak in them, which cause mold and mildew to form. This will not be happening with this mat.

Epica Anti-Slip Anti-Bacterial Bath Mat is made from quality material, so you will not have to worry about it tearing or becoming damaged. I would highly recommend using this bath mat. You will not be disappointed with your purchase.
Bath Mat in the Tub

The Water is not being Absorbed into the Mat

(I received this product free to review, but my opinions are my own)

Friday, February 20, 2015

Forlan Skincare Retinol Cream Review

There are a variety of moisturizers out on the market for your face. Some brands are on the pricey side while other brands are reasonable. However, if the product does not contain quality ingredients that will actually promote your skin to be healthy, they are useless. Forlan Skincare Retinol Cream is a quality product that will help transform your skin for the better.

Forlan Skincare Retinol Cream is a duel moisturizer for your face & eyes that can be used during the day and at night. This cream is made up of quality ingredients such as: Shea butter vitamin A, C, &E, and Hyaluronic Acid that will aid in rejuvenating and moisturizing your skin. With this one product you will be helping your skin fight against acne, fine lines, wrinkles, and excessive aging. When used on a daily bases, your skin will noticeably look healthier.

The container that this product comes in is very sturdy and functional. The push dispenser allows you to get as much of the product as you need without wasting any. The consistency of the cream is thick yet lite. A little of this product goes a long way. When you apply this cream to your skin, you will instantly feel moisturized and it will add and healthy glow to your skin. If you are in the market for an facial moisturizer, I would highly recommend giving Forlan Skincare Retinol Cream a try.

(I received this product free to review, but my opinions are my own.) 

Poppy Austin Eye Cream Review

You can buy beauty products targeted to specific areas for your face in the body. With that being said, there are a variety of eye creams out on the market. Majority of eye creams are supposed to help reduce puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles around the eyes. In order to know if I product will work for you you have to try it out because everyone's skin is not the same. Poppy Austin Eye Cream is a product worth trying.

Poppy Austin Eye Cream contains no silicones, parabens, additives, fillers, or alcohol. The quality ingredients that make up this cream such as: Jojoba Oil, Vitamins E& C, and organic Aloe will help moisturize, protect, and repair your skin. All skin types can use this product. This eye cream has no harsh scent and it is very light. You can also use this cream as a moisturizer for your face.

The easy dispense top allows you to get as much cream as you need without wasting any. This cream will quickly absorb into your skin and leave it feeling light and refreshed. You have to you this product on a daily bases to see results. I would highly recommend giving Poppy Austin Eye Cream a chance. This is a quality product & you will not be disappointed with your purchase. 

(I received this product free to review, but my opinions are my own.)

Ramini Brands Silicone Beverage Glasses Review

When you are hosting events/parties things are bound to break if you are using glass tableware. Accidents happen and the main victims of these tragedies are glass cups. One way to stop this from happening is by using paper or plastic cups. However, they don't have a ring of elegance to them. Ramini Brands Silicone Beverage Glasses are the perfect dinnerware to have out for any occasion.
Ramini Brands Silicone Beverage Glasses are BPA free, Eco-friendly, and are made from 100% non-stick food grade silicone. These glasses are shatter proof, so you will never have to worry about cleaning up glass ever again. Also, even-though these glasses are silicone you will not have to worry about 'taste transfer'. They can be hand-washed or put in the dishwasher. You can even put these glasses in a oven, microwave, and freezer.
2 silicone glasses come in a box with instructions on how to care/use the product. The glasses do not actual feel like glass. They feel like soft yet sturdy rubber (silicone). I love the design because it is simple and chic. The glasses will not lose its natural shape or form. I would highly recommend buying this product. (I received this product free to review, but my opinions are my own.)
Head Over Here To Get Your Very Own Ramini Brands Silicone Beverage Glasses.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Sister India: A Novel Review + Giveaway

Getting lost in a book is the most wonderful feeling ever. You feel so connected to all of the characters and the situations that arise seem as though they are happening directly to you. Finding a great book is truly a gem worth having and sharing.

You will be instantly transported to the holy city of Varanasi, India. The descriptiveness of the buildings, temples, people, animals, shops, and river will leave you with the feeling that you have visited Varanasi before. Knowledge of the day today cultural life will be explored into great detail. Also, being that Varanasi is the holy city, spirituality and rituals will be focused heavily throughout this entire book. Through the eyes & lives of travelers, professionals, and natives  you will experience this city. 

The epicenter of this story takes place at the Saraswati Guest House that is located on the banks of the holy river Ganges. The Ganges river is where life and death congregate. Life on the Ganges will be vividly told through the inhabitants of this Guest House; Natraja (innkeeper/American), Ramesh (native), Jill (professional/ traveler), T.J (professional), & Marie (traveler). You will gain a deep understanding of each characters personality, past, and current state of mind. Natraja has been in the holy city for over forty years now and she will have the most to offer concerning the ins-and-outs of everything. Even though getting this information is sometimes like pulling teeth.

The murder of a Muslim and a retaliatory murder of 3 Hindis will forever change the experiences of all who are at the Saraswati Guest House. I would highly recommend reading this book and giving this book as a gift to any book lover. Sister India is a well written book & will not disappoint. (I received this Complimentary to review but my opinions are my own.)

Comment below one of your favorite books to read to be entered to win a copy of Sister India!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Yumms Burger Press Review

Burgers are delicious no matter how you make them. If you can not get to your favorite burger joint or your funds are low, making your own burgers at home will have to do. Making homemade burgers are sometimes tricky because if you don't get the center right, your burger will come out looking like a flat meatball. Having a burger press in the kitchen would be extremely handy for this occasion. Yes, burger presses do exist! Yumms Burger Press is a quality device that will give you the prefect burger every-time.

Yumms Burger Press is a must have if you enjoy making your own burgers at home. The burger press is very easy to use and clean. The press is made of plastic and is sturdy and durable. You can make patties 1/4 to 1/2 inches thick.  The plastic is coated with non-stick material which guarantees you will get perfectly formed patties every-time. Also, the lifter allows you to easily lift your patties out of the press and transport them to the cooking station.
Step 1

Step 2

Finished Product! 

As you can see, the Yumms Burger Press is a quality product. You will get perfect patties no matter what type of meat you are using. The price is very reasonable and you will not be disappointed with your purchase. Head Over Here To Get Your Very Own! (I received this product free to review, but my opinions are my own.)