Friday, February 6, 2015

Enzo 100% Organic Green Tea Powder ( Matcha ) Review

I love drinking tea. Tea offers so many benefits to the body & mind and is delicious. There are numerous brands and varieties of tea out on the market and only by trying them will you know which ones you like. Green tea is one of my favorite teas to drink and it is very healthy for the body too. Enzo 100% Organic Green Tea Powder (Matcha) is of quality and it very versatile.

Green tea is not only delicious, but it also has many benefits for the body. Enzo 100% Organic Green Tea Powder has 7 times more Antioxidants than dark chocolate and 60 times more than spinach. Antioxidants helps protect the body from illnesses and helps your skin look more healthier & youthful. Green tea also  gives you a lot of energy which in-turn helps boost your metabolism and burn more fat. Another great benefit of green tea is that is enhances your mood and memory.

Enzo Organic Green Tea Powder can be used a variety of ways. You can make smoothies, bake sweets, and even drink it plain. I like drinking green tea in its natural form. The taste is very earthy, but it is not over powering if your use a little at a time (a tea spoon of matcha goes a long way). If you are looking for a new tea to try, I would recommend giving Enzo 100% Organic Green Tea Powder a try. Head Over Here To Get Your Very Own. (I received this product free for testing purposes but my opinions are my own).

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