Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Harry Potter Time Turner Twin Necklace Set Silver Review

Jewelry is a perfect gift that keeps on giving. Jewelry be used time and time again and it can possess sentimental meaning. You can customize jewelry in an array of ways and you can even get character themed jewelry. If you know a Harry Potter lover, The Harry Potter Time Turner Twin Necklace Set will be a gift to give them. 

The Harry Potter Time Turner Twin Necklace Set is beautifully made and will be recognized by any harry potter lover.  The necklace is silver-plated and very well made. Also, the center piece spins to about 180 degrees.  You could wear this with just about anything and it will stand out. The medallion is not heavy in the chain is a considerable length.

The Time Turner  is very unique and beautiful. You have the ability to turn the centerpieces 360 degrees. The silver plated metal is also engraved with writings. The hourglass in the middle works like an actual hourglass. Even though my hourglass broke off (I received it that way) I can easily fix it with superglue (I think). The broke off hourglass does not take away from the quality of the necklaces. 

If you have someone that is into wizardly things, I would highly recommend buying the Harry Potter Time Turner Twin Necklace Set.

I received this complimentary to review, but my opinions are my own. 

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