Monday, March 2, 2015

Magnetic Phone Mount Review

Smartphones can be used for a variety of things, especially while driving. You can get directions, text, call, and search for places to eat. However, using your phone (in your hands) while driving is not safe and in many states illegal. To stay safe and not get any tickets, using a car phone mount is the best way to go. There are a many different styles of phone mounts on the market that will suit everyone's needs. Infernal Innovations Magnetic Phone Mount is a quality product that will work with any style of phone.

Infernal Innovations Magnetic Phone is simple to install and provides you the ability to use your phone while remaining safe. 2 metal attachments, the mount, and a bonus adhesive disc all comes in one package. The mount is very sturdy and the head does swivel left, right, up, and down.You have 2 options in terms of how you want to secure your phone to the mount. You can use the circle metal attachment that will adhere to your phone on 1 side and exposing the metal side. The other option is you can place the square metal attachment inside your phone case.  I used the circle attachment.  The magnetic attraction is very strong. Your phone will not come off of the mount unless you pull it off.

Under the bottom of the mount there is an adhesive pad that will allow you to stick the mount to your window or dashboard. The adhesive is really strong and it will not shift while driving. You phone is safe and secure. I would highly recommend buying this phone mount. You will not be disappointed with your purchase. Head Over Here To Get Your Very Own!

(I received this product free to review, but my opinions are my own).

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