Monday, March 23, 2015

Sports Armband for iPhone users Review + Giveaway

When you are working out or just going on a brisk walk through the park, having a quality armband for your phone is a must. Pockets are fine, but if they are not deep your phone can fall out and no one wants that to happen. Also, majority of workout gear do not have pockets (><).  A quality armband does not have to be expensive. Gear2Go Sports Armband for iPhone's is a quality product & it will not break the bank.

Gear2Go Sports Armband for iPhone's is very effective and easy to use. You slip your phone through the slit shown below and you are good to go. You can easily use your touch screen and will not have any trouble hearing your music (if you like to workout/walk without headphones.) Also, the strap is made from very comfortable material and this armband can fit around most arms. 

Watch The Video Below To See The Gear2Go Sports Armband for iPhone's In Action
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I received this product complimentary to review, But my opinions are my own.