Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Virgin Lacquer Gel Pomade Review

Individuals with natural hair, weaves, and braids know how important it is to have an edge control styling product. Your edges are the first part of your hair that gets flustered no matter what style you have in your hair. When wearing a style with your natural hair it can last up to 2 to 3 days before it needs and touch up. When you have a Weave it can last up to three weeks before you need a touch up. Braids can last up to a month before you need a touch up. Virgin Lacquer Gel Pomade is a must have for any hair routine. 

Virgin Lacquer Edge Control is s high quality product. This is Gel will not leave any flakes in your hair, you will not have any buildup, and the hold will last all day.  The gel is a clear-yellowish color and is very light but thick. Depending on the thickness of your hair a little will go a long way.  There is a very light sweet scent to this gel but it is not overpowering and  will disappear after it has been applied. Another great attribute of this product is that it contains no alcohol. 

As you can see from the pictures below Virgin Lacquer Gel Pomade really works. I have very thick coarse hair (I have 4C hair), so I had to use more of the product than most will have to. However you can see that this gel will slick down even the thickest of hair. Another great thing about this product is you will not get that thick matted crunchy look of gel being applied on top of gel. After you have touching up your edges, your hair will look flawless. I would highly recommend buying Virgin Lacquer Gel Pomade. Your edges will thank you. 


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I could not find a quality gel to use for my hair, but this looks like it could help me.