Thursday, April 9, 2015

3/4 Liquid Diet ???

So you might be wondering what is this 3/4 liquid diet all about. Well I'm starting this diet in order to lose weight and break my need for Sweets. Sugar is my biggest nemesis and I have no self-control when I am presented with it. With this diet I am hoping to flush my body of all impurities and desires for unhealthy things. I don't know if this diet is already out there, I'm just doing something on my own to try to help myself. I am not a health specialist or a health guru. This is my first time ever doing something like this so It can be hit or miss.
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The 3/4 Liquid Diet is kind of self-explanatory. For 3/4 of my meals I will be consuming nothing but liquids and the remaining 1/4 will be a 'solid' meal. I believe this approach is more reasonable for me to do because I have tried to do an all liquid diet in failed miserably. I plan on eating my meal at night(dinner) because it will be like a bridge of being 'satisfied' from day to day. First majority of my liquids will just be water to flush out my system. And as I go on I will incorporate fruit smoothies into my diet.
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As I stated before this could be a hit or miss. The overall outline of this diet is subject to change. I am praying for all the willpower and motivation to get through this. So follow me through this journey to see where I end up.
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