Monday, April 13, 2015

Ice Ball Mold by Modern Elixir Review + Giveaway

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If you live in the regions where it gets cold, spring is finally here and things are warming up. With that being said, many days/nights will be spent on the porch drinking cool drinks. We all know when you are having a good time with your friends and loved ones,  you will not be constantly drinking your drink. When drinks get watery they become a waste. However, you will not have to worry about this ever again thanks to Modern Elixir Ice Ball Maker Mold. 

Modern Elixir Ice Ball Maker Mold is a great product to have in any household. The mold is made out of food grade silicone & super easy to use. You're going to fill the bottom mold with about a cup of water and then press the top mold down to seal it. But the mold in the freezer in when its done twist the silicon to break away all the unwanted ice and you will have ice balls. Another great aspect that I love about this product is that you can free just about any liquid into an ice ball. I would highly recommend getting this product because it can add a nice fun flair to all of your drinks whether you are an adult or you are doing it for children

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