Saturday, June 20, 2015

Powered By Steam

Using steam is a great way to cook a variety of food. Many people do not know this but steam is hotter than boiling water. A steamer is a great tool to have in any household especially if you eat vegetables on a daily basis. The Sunsella Veggie Steamer will take care of all of your steaming needs.

The Sunsella Veggie Steamer is well made, easy to use, and simple to clean. I love that this steamer is made of stainless steel because it solidifies its longevity and adds an overall elegance to this tool. This steamer expands to fit just about any pot/pan size. The 'legs' are a great addition to this steamer because it allows it to stand on its own. Instructions on the box clearly state how to properly use this product to receive optimal results. The steamers compacted size also gives you the ability to store it just about anywhere.

I love rice, but sometimes I make to much of it and can not eat it all in one day. Many people do not like eating leftover rice because it is difficult to get it back to the same texture it was the day before. The best way to get rice back to its fluffy texture is by using steam. The Sunsella Veggie Steamer works exactly how you would expect it to and I would highly recommend it to any who is look for a quality steamer.

I received this product free to review but my opinions are my own.

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