Monday, June 22, 2015

Protect Yourself At All Times!

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When traveling there are three things you do not want to lose; identification, money, and cell phone. Many people think that their pockets or purse will be secure enough while traveling, but they make for easy targets. Pick-pocketing happens and purses get stolen and sometimes are forgotten and left behind.  Merinte Money Belt will keep all of your valuables protected and secured at all times.

The Merinte Money Belt is comfortable to wear, easy to access, and allows you to have peace of mind while traveling.  As you can see from the picture below this money belt has three compartments and are closed by zippers. There are two front pockets and one rear pocket. I love the design because everything is not lumped into one place. You can easily fit all of the essential things you need in this belt and you can carry other things such as tissue, wet-napkins, etc. There is more than enough room to hold everything you need and want.

Another great design is the RFID protected pocket. Since credit cards are now being equipped with chips to allow for quicker checkouts, these chips can be easily read by scanners used by thieves. Placing your credit cards in the RFID protected area will keep your information from being stolen.

Anyone can use this belt because it is adjustable. The strap is very sturdy and can not pulled off or cut off. Another great aspect about this belt is that it can be worn on the inside of your clothes. When you are traveling through large cowards making sure your valuables are secure is top priority. The Merinte Money Belt will  effectively secure your everything  you place in it.

I received compensation in exchange for writing this review, but my opinions are my own.

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