Thursday, June 25, 2015

We Need Paper Towels

Paper towels are very useful especially if you have a lively household. A single roll of paper towels can have a multitude of functions. I use paper towels to clean up spills, wipe my hands, and cover food. The quality of  any brand of paper towels is a major selling point because no one wants to use 8,000 paper towels to clean up a simple spill. Superb Magix Premium Kitchen Towels are a quality brand that will get any job done.

Superb Magix Premium Kitchen Towels are made of 100% virgin wood pulp. This quality of wood pulp gives the paper towels more strength, higher durability rate, resistance to humidity, and allows them to last longer. 2 rolls come in a pack and each roll has 70 sheets on them.  I love the durability of these paper towels because I can depend on them to work as they should. Also, I am saving money because I am using less paper because one is enough.  You can feel the strength of this product when you tug on each end of a single paper towel.

You can use these paper towels for a variety of purposes and they will not disappoint you. Superb Magix Premium Kitchen Towels feel soft to the touch and can be used to clean children's faces and hands. I purposefully wasted a half cup of water on my kitchen table to see if these towels had a great absorbency rate and it passed the test with flying colors. The paper towel absorbed all of the water and did not drip when I held it over the table. The absorbency truly sold the product for me because when you are trying to clean up a spill with cheap paper towels you have to run back in forth to the garbage with your hand under the paper towel so it wont leak on the floor. Also, if someone so happens to flush some of these paper towels down the towel, your towel will be perfectly fine. I would highly recommend giving Superb Magix Premium Kitchen Towels are try.

I received this product free to review but my opinions are my own.

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