Saturday, July 25, 2015

Is Your Water Helping Your Body?

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Everyone needs water to survive. You can go months without eating, but you will not last the same without drinking water. Depending on where you live the quality of water will vary. Testing your waters pH levels will help you determine if you need to invest in a water purifier or not. HealthyWiser pH Test Strips will give you the results you need.

HealthyWiser pH Test Strips are super easy to use and gives you an accurate reading in no time. The quality of water you are putting into your body can have positive or damaging effect. Water should be alkaline or have a pH reading of 7. If your pH level is 6 and below it is in the acidic ranging. If your pH level is 7 and about it is too alkaline. You can buy water softeners and purifiers to fix this issue.

100 strips come in on package and this gives you the ability to test every faucet in your house 10 times over. It is important that you keep these strips in the container and away for moisture so it will not compromise the integrity of the strips. The instructions on how to use this product are clearly listed and easy to follow. There is a chart on the back of the package that ranges in pH levels from 0 to 14. Within 15 seconds of dipping a strip in water you should have your reading.

A strip starts of with these colors (first pic below) and change colors after they have been dipped in liquid. I tested out the pH level of the water coming from my kitchen faucet and my results are pictured below. I think my water pH level is in the range between 6 and 7. This is better than I thought it was originally going to be. Since I live in a big city sometimes I can taste the chlorine that is being used to 'purify' the water. One the days that I can taste chlorine I will test the waters pH level and see how acidic or alkaline it is.

I would highly recommend utilizing HealthyWiser pH Test Strips. You will know if you need to improve the quality of your drinking water in seconds.

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