Friday, August 14, 2015

Take The Light with You

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The invention of the portable light made life so much easier. No more doing important things by candle light or oil lanterns. You can take LED lanterns virtual anywhere and have quality lighting for any occasion. Galactic Lighting LED Lantern will give you adequate lighting wherever you need it.

 Galactic Lighting LED Lantern is everything you need and more. 3 AA batteries are needed to power this lantern. The battery compartment is easy to access and properly secured. The selling point of this lantern is that you can adjust the intensity of light. I really love that I can do this because most LED lanterns only have and on and off switch. So the intensity of light is always the same. With this LED lantern you can have dim, semi-dim, bright, or super bright light. 

We had a light in our closet but the string broke and the light eventually went out. We had to use the light from the bathroom if we needed to go in the closet at night. Now that there is a  Galactic Lighting LED Lantern in the house we can get what we need with no problem. This lantern also works as a great night light for young children. It's lightweight design allows you the ability to carry it anywhere with ease. I would highly recommend getting this Lantern. You will not be disappointed with the quality and it has hundreds of uses.

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Alecia @ ChickenScratch NY said...

I would love one of these for the night time barn chores. I usually wear a headlamp but sometimes a little more light would go a long way

Maria Long said...

that makes sense for my kids room when they get up to go to the bathroom and are not turning every light on. Might need one in my attic as well.

Laura O in AK said...

Portable light is SO important to have on hand. We keep several options at our Alaskan home, especially during the long, dark winter.

C (Kid Things) said...

This would be really great to have on hand, especially during a power outage. Also to take along camping! Definitely a good idea.

Censie Sawyer said...

Great item to have in the house just in case the power goes out this winter.