Friday, October 2, 2015

Utilize The Versatility of DBPOWER

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 Electronic devices that serve more than one function is a must have in this day & age. Multipurpose devices are great for saving on space usage, money, and convenience. Quality is everything when purchasing electronic devices. Expensive does not mean quality. DBPOWER Portable Active Bluetooth Music Player will leave you feeling like you hit the jackpot.

 DBPOWER Portable Active Bluetooth Music Player is a alarm clock, FM radio, caller ID, USB & Micro SD capable, has return phone call feature, and supports Bluetooth functions. It is also lightweight, stylish, and has great sound quality. I really like the design of this device because it stands on its own on a variety of surfaces and the speakers are located in the front. The quality of the speakers output while listening to music or answering a call can put some high priced surround sound systems to shame. The display screen is brightly lit and easy to read.

Each button is clearly labeled and minimal pressure is need to 'activate' them. The Bluetooth button is the first on the right and comes up as 'BX-100' on your phone. This function works properly up to 82 feet away from the device. The FM button controls the radio and you can press the FM button to auto scan for station. The clock button controls the regular time display and alarm function. The - & + buttons control the volume, finding radio stations manually, switch to the next song, and sets the time. The last button pauses music, holds calls, stops music, and ends calls.  One the back of the device there is a USB port, AUX line connection, on/off switch, and Micro SD slot. 

The back of the music player 

You can easily figure out how to operate this device on your own or you can read the users manual.  The user manual is written in plain English and gets straight to the point about each and every function. I would highly recommend getting a DBPOWER Portable Active Bluetooth Music Player.  You will want to use this device all day everyday.

 I received compensation in exchange for writing this review, but my opinions are my own. 


Tina @ My Highest Self said...

Love that this is a multi-functional device. I will have to check out DBPOWER, thanks so much for the great review.

Mary said...

This looks great. I have had multiple blue tooth speakers and they were always lacking. This seems to have it all and I love that it can take a micro sd card!

Erlene A said...

This seems like a neat little gadget. I'm sure my teens would love to have this since they love all things tech.