Sunday, January 24, 2016

Dual Time

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In a technologically advanced world, having a watch might seem really outdated. However, watches make great statement pieces, are collectible, and still function as they should.  Watches come in a variety of styles, shapes, and features. Having Topaz Unisex 5026AMRBK Classic Golden Watch truly works great for men and women.

Topaz Unisex 5026AMRBK Classic Golden Watch is stylish, well made, and would make the perfect gift. The simple yet sleek design makes this watch perfect for just about any occasion. The black leather, gold numbers, and stainless steel case stand out on their own and compliments each other as well. A great feature that this watch has is that it is water resistant.  I think that this is great because it will help preserve the overall look/feel/ and life of the watch.

 Another great thing about Topaz Unisex 5026AMRBK Classic Golden Watch is that it is truly unisex. There is nothing that this overall masculine or feminine about this watch. The fit can be naturally adjusted and still remain comfortable. If you know someone who enjoys collecting watches this watch will definitely add to any collection.

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Rebecca Bryant said...

What a lovely watch. I like the black band as it goes with everything.

Athena Nagel said...

I went without a watch recently for the first time in decades. I hated it. I gave it months so I could try to get used to it. But nope - so this week I went back to a watch. Funny thing is I still look at my phone for the time but it is the comfort of wearing it at this point.

Heather Lawrence said...

I might be one of the only people on the planet that does not own a watch.
Years ago I had a cute one but I always misplaced it so I stopped wearing them.
My hubby on the other hand has a massive watch collection and this one would be perfect addition to his collection!

Trisha Grimes said...

That's a fine looking watch and it's something that I wouldn't mind having on my wrist! I really like the look of it and love the band! I can also appreciate that the style is pretty unisex.

Katy Rose said...

Honestly for years and years I never wore a watch. I always had my phone with me so I didn't see the point. Now I've started wearing one to cover a wrist tattoo at work but I find I like them so much more (even if I do tend to check my phone for the time more than my watch still.) - Katy

Amanda said...

I haven't owned a watch in years, but this is one I would wear. Very stylish, yet still plain enough to go with everything.