Sunday, August 14, 2016

Weight loss Achievement with Appcome Women's Apparel

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Since the beginning of this year I have been taking losing weight more serious and so far I have dropped (and maintained) 40 pounds. Most of the clothes do not fit any more, but I refuse to buy a new wardrobe. I don't want to spend a ton of money buying new clothes when I still have 60 pounds to lose. However, when I was given the opportunity to tryout  Appcome Women's Floral High Waist A Line Skirt, I jumped at the opportunity and I am so glad that I did. This skirt is beautifully made & represents a major milestone in my weight-loss journey.

 Appcome Women's Floral High Waist A Line Skirt has beautiful detail, lightweight, and is a great statement piece (no matter what season it is).  Appcome Women's skirt is made of 100% polyester, has an elastic waistband (half way around), hidden side zipper, and comes below knee length (I am 5'2). The overall detail and coloring of this skirt is simply amazing. This skirt is true to the way it is being advertised. The scenery that is being depicted on this skirt looks like a scene from your favorite novel. The colors are bold, bright, warm, dark and soft. The polyester gives is a natural shine and make the whole scenery pop.  With this being a One Size Only fit skirt (Waist: 26.8"-31.5" Length: 24.4") it is shocking that I can wear it.

Usually I would never order One Size Only clothing because I simply could not fit many of the clothing items. I literally could not pull up skirts past my lower knees. But now the tides are turning and it is a major achievement for me. I can actually wear a high waist skirt how it is suppose to be worn. I still need to lose about 5-7 pounds to be able to zip the skirt up all the way (a inch left to go) and that is totally doable for me.

The built in half slip is a major plus and it is sewn down (on one side) so it does not ride up. I really like that the zipper is hidden because a visible zipper would have taken away for the beauty of this skirt. From inside to out this skirt is soft and flows nicely.

I would highly recommend checking out Appcome Women's Floral High Waist A Line Skirt line. There are many option to choose from and you will not be disappointed with the overall quality, look, and feel of these skirts.

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