Thursday, February 9, 2017

Is Buying Wigs From Bhairextension Worth It??

I received a sample product, but my opinions are my own.

Purchasing items from the internet is extremely convenient, but it is also a game of chance.  Buying hair extensions online is one big game of chance and something going wrong is doubled. When looking for a reputable hair website/ vendor it is best to do research first (read/watch tons of reviews, are they backed by Google’s buyer protection plan, where is the hair being shipped from, etc.) before buyer’s remorse sets in. One hair website/ vendor I can 100% recommend shopping at is Bhairextension.  The quality of hair is amazing, the prices are affordable, and the shipping time is above standard. 

I was sent an Outre Synthetic Silk Straight Kanikalon Heat Resistant Full Lace Wig from Bhairextension and I am completely satisfied with my entire experience.  Shipping through FedEx is the way to go. I received my hair four days after I placed my order. Shipping this fast is unheard of when it comes to ordering hair from China. Usually it takes two weeks to a month to receive what you ordered.

The hair looks exactly like how it is being advertised! The two tone ombre merges smoothly together and the hair looks and feels healthy (even-though it is synthetic). Top-notch synthetic hair looks and feels like it is a blend (mixture of human hair and synthetic).  This is by far one of the best full lace synthetic wigs that I have seen in person.

The Outre Synthetic Silk Straight Kanikalon Heat Resistant Full Lace Wig construction receives five-stars.  The hair has a defined lining, can be parted just about anywhere, and is equipped with baby hairs.  The fullness of this wig is simple amazing. I love thick full hair because that is how my hair is naturally and I expect my wigs to be the same way.  A major plus to having a wig that is ‘full’ is that the wig cap will not show and it looks natural. The wig cap is sturdy, has multiple securing methods, and comfortable to wear for long periods of time.  

I really love that the black hair color of this wig matches my natural hair color almost perfectly.  Since I have a widow’s peak I will have to cut the lace more so than most (possibly losing the baby hairs) so it can look as natural to my hairline as possible. Mass majority of wigs are not designed for people who have widow’s peak, so adjustments will have to be made.  I still don’t know if I want to cut the lace or make the lace darker to mimic hair.

The coarseness of this hair is silk straight. You can achieve an even straighter look by flat ironing the hair. The hair is truly heat resistant and will not melt, burn, or become discolored. This hair gives off a natural shine, so no extra hair products need to be added to this wig for styling purposes. The Outre Synthetic Silk Straight Kanikalon Heat Resistant Full Lace Wig is twenty-six inches long and stops just below my lower back. The hair does not tangle easily, but you will always need a comb or brush to smooth out the hair (finger combing will only do so much). 

Even after being brushed, combed, etc. the ‘ends’ look natural and do not become damage/split. 

I would highly recommend getting an Outre Synthetic SilkStraight Kanikalon Heat Resistant Full Lace Wig. For this wig to be synthetic, the quality of its overall construction is simply unmatched.  I received so many compliments from family, friends, and strangers on how gorgeous my hair looked. Bhairextension can take care of all of your hair extension needs! They offer so many different styles, colors, lengths, and coarseness

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