Thursday, January 1, 2015

Herb Scissors - Stainless Steel Herb Cutter for Herbs & Vegetables Review

The most time consuming part about cooking is preparing the ingredients that will go in the meal. Prep-time is usually like 20 minutes, while cook-time is only 10. Chopping up all of the herbs, vegetables and spices takes time; especially if you want the meal to come out to be delicious. One tool to have in your kitchen to cut back on prep-time is a Select Culinary Stainless Steel Herb Cutter. This device will truly be a great help for majority of your cutting needs.

The Select Culinary Stainless Steel Herb Cutter has five blades to maximize your cutting speed. The stainless steel blades are sharp and will give you a precise cut you are looking for. The guard that comes with these scissors also converts to a cleaning comb to help get bits and pieces of herbs/vegetables out from between the blades. I really like this aspect because you don't have to go looking for a separate tool to clean out the blades. These scissors handle are very sturdy and comfortable to use.

If you are looking to cut down your time in the kitchen, I would highly recommend getting a stainless steel herb cutter. Head Over Here To Get Your Very Own Select Culinary Stainless Steel Herb Cutter. (I received this product complimentary to review, but my opinions are my own.)

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