Friday, January 16, 2015

Reach it Grab it Reacher Grabber picker upper Review

When you are short it is hard to get things from high places. You have to stand on your tips of your toes or you have to get a chair to step on and reach for what you are trying to get. If you are lucky, someone tall will be next to you and you can just ask them for help. However, since this is not always the case, having a handy Reach it Grab it will save you time and energy. Also, the Reach it Grab it is great for the elderly and individuals that have limited movement.

The Reach it Grab it is like having a extendable sturdy and strong third arm. You will be able to pick up heavy materials and pieces of paper with this one tool. Also, this tool is made of quality aluminum which will allow you to use it anywhere without rusting. The grip of this tool is super strong and the non-slip grip padding keeps whatever you are grabbing secured. Another great feature of this devices is it has a swivel head which allows it to turn up to 90 degrees in either direction. I really like this aspect because you do not have to manipulate the tool in order for it to work how you want it to.

I had no problem using the Reach It Grab It. It was extremely easy to use, I got exactly what I wanted (out of the cabinets and the quality of the tool itself) and I will highly recommend buying a Reach It Grab It. Watch the video below to see the Reach It Grab It in action.

Head Over Here To Get Your Very Own Reach It Grab It. (I received this product free to review, but my opinions are strictly my own.)

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