Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Fur Begone

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Cats pretty much take care of all of their major grooming needs. My cats clean themselves 3 to 4 times a day. However, fur still gets everywhere. Having a quality grooming comb can make the world of difference.  barkOutfitters Miracle Comb will drastically reduce cat hair from being all over the house.

 barkOutfitters Miracle Comb is easy to use and gets the job done every-time. You have two types of combs on this deshedder.  Depending on the thickness of you pet's fur, either side can be use. The combs take no time to clean and this tool will be a staple in my home for many years to come. The handle is cushioned and this allows you to have maximum comfort will grooming your pets. The cushioned handle is really a great feature because one of my cats (pictured below) does not like being groomed while he is awake. So grooming him while he sleeps can be challenging and long.

 I use the the finer comb and one thing I really like about this comb is that it traps the hair inside the comb. I do not have excess fly aways of  hair going everywhere. Once the hair is in the comb, you will have to pull it out yourself. I use this comb at-least three to four times out of the week. I would highly recommend getting a  barkOutfitters Miracle Comb. Your pets will be happy, you will be happy, and your furniture and clothes will be saved.

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