Thursday, July 2, 2015

iLock™ Laces No Tie Elastic Shoelaces for Running Golfing - Best Elastic No Tie Lock Laces System by iLock™ Laces

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Shoelaces are a great invention. You can securely keep your shoes on your feet because on them. However, sometimes tying your shoes can be very frustrating.  Little children have a hard time mastering the art of tying shoes and sometimes shoelaces just come a loose even though you thought you tide them tightly. Thanks to iLock™ Laces No Tie Elastic Shoelaces you will never have to worry about this happening ever again.

iLock™ Laces No Tie Elastic Shoelaces are great for children, individuals who workout on a daily basis, and people who lead an active lifestyle. This system is very easy to use and install.  The shoelaces are very sturdy and made of quality material. The iLock™ lock  easily allows you to adjust the tightness of your shoes with a press of a button. You will receive 2 elastic shoelaces, 2 iLock™ locks, and 3 iLock™ clips.

You lace the shoelaces like regular shoelaces, press the iLock™  lock and thread the laces into the opening, cut the excess lace (3 inches below the iLock™ lock), and insert the ends of the laces into the clip and close it shut. It is best that you do this while you are wearing the shoes the iLock™ system will be on, so you can gauge how much of the excess lace you will need to cut (so you can have the perfect fit for you).

The iLock™ system comes in 9 vibrant colors and there is an iLock™ to fit anyone's style. The ease of using the iLock™ system sets it apart from the rest. You will never have to worry about your shoes coming untied ever again. Also if you are not satisfied with the iLock™, you can return it no questions asked (within the first 30 days).

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