Sunday, May 10, 2015

3/4 Liquid Diet Days:22-25

Day22: a Gallon of water consumed Food: chocolate muffin Bowel movement produced Mood: happy, energetic, & sleepy
Day23: gallon of water No laxative No Bowel movement Food: chocolate chip muffin Mood: happy, tired, restlessness Day 24: gallon of water 10 oz Laxative taken Bowel Movements produce throughout the day. Food consumed: baked fish, mixed vegetables, sweet potatoes Mood: happy, energetic, slightly nauseous (drank laxative to fast) Day 25: 8 oz of Water Laxative Taken Bowel produced throughout the day Food: chocolate muffin Mood: happy & tired (sleeping pattern still messed up) Note: I have not been feeling hungry, but I know that it is not good to just eat chocolate chip muffins. I have bought fruit, so I will start eating that.

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