Sunday, May 17, 2015

Great Oral Health Advanced Oral Probiotics Review

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Taking care of your oral health is very important to your overall health. Many of us try to brush our teeth twice a day (once a day for sure) to maintain a healthy mouth. Also we use other varieties of oral products such as mouthwash and floss to help with maintenance. Even though we do our best to maintain our oral upkeep, sometimes it is just not good enough. If you are looking to give your mouth the boost it needs to maintain healthiness, Great Oral Health Oral Probiotics may be the supplement for you.

Great Oral Health Oral Probiotics is formulated with a host of natural bacteria to help promote healthy teeth, fresh breath, and overall wellness of your mouth. There are no artificial flavors or sweeteners in this product. Also this product is gluten-free, lactose-free, and fluoride free. 60 tablets come in one bottle in they are meant to be taken twice daily (morning & night). These tablets are chewable and does not have a harsh aftertaste to them.

These tablets are a little chalky due to the calcium component. You can get this product in two flavors, Mint and Strawberry Vanilla. I got the strawberry vanilla flavor and the flavors are true to taste. It is suggested that you don't drink or eat anything 30 minutes after you take these tablet so the bacteria can work it's magic. All this information is clearly listed on the back of this bottle. When taken any supplements results may vary because everyone is not the same. In order to know if this supplement will truly work for you, you have to give it a try.

Do you take an oral supplement?

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Amanda said...

I always hear about probiotics, and mean to give them a try and then I forget. I'm going to have to try this brand...and this time I mean it ;)

Saidah Washington said...

Oral health is so important. You never know how important until your teeth are hurting or your about to loose them prematurely.

Liz Mays said...

I've never gotten my probiotics through supplements, only yogurt. This isn't a bad idea to try though. Thanks!

Laura Funk said...

I have yet to jump on the probiotics bandwagon. THis product does look pretty good and would definitely be beneficial for dental health.

Sheena @ Sophistishe said...

I'm getting my probiotics through a Greek yogurt I recently discovered. So delicious and healthy.