Monday, May 18, 2015

Vibrant Chalk Liquid Chalk Marker Review

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Children love to draw and create beautiful artwork. There are a variety of tools they can use to create art such as: crayons, colored pencils, paint, etc. Even though children know that they have specific areas to color in and on, sometimes they push the envelope and try to color on different surfaces. Thanks to liquid chalk your child can color on nonporous surfaces in it will be totally fine. If you are new to liquid chalk, Vibrant Chalk Liquid Chalk Markers are just for you.

Vibrant Chalk Liquid Chalk Markers are fun & simple to use. 8 vibrant colors come in a pack. You can use these markers on mirrors, windows, chalkboards, and more. Direction on how to use these markers are clearly listed on the back of the packaging. Any drawings or writing done with these markers will easily wipe off. You will know that your markers are ready to use when the white tip changes to the color of the designated marker. Before you use these markers on any surface, test it out first so you will know that it will definitely come off when you want it to.

As you can see from the picture below the colors show up those vibrant and true. This picture was drawn on a white boy and as you can see that it was easy to wipe off 3/4 of the drawing. If you have artistic children I would highly recommend getting Vibrant Chalk Liquid Chalk Markers help them express themselves in different mediums. You will not be disappointed with your purchase and they will make a great addition to any household.

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Have you ever used liquid chalk markers?

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